Apply for a Permit

Instructions for Permit Application:

The Annex is open to the public. However, you are welcome to submit permit applications through email. Please include: 

Property Owner Information
City: State: Zip: 
Email: Phone: 
Applicant (Contractor) Information
Address: City:  State:  Zip:
Phone: Email: 
Development/Improvement Information: Please include number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sq ft of garage & basement for new builds and additions. 
Address of Location:
New Structure Type: 
Type of Use: 
Parcel #:
Sq. Ft. of New Structure: 
Subdivision:  Lot #: Zoning District: 
# Bedrooms: # Bathrooms: Basement (sq ft): Garage (sq ft): 
Estimated Cost of Improvement: 
Commercial site plan needed
Signage: include sq ft and plans
Structures: site plan needed
Estimated Cost of Improvement: 
Site Plan Requirements: In order to receive an Improvement Location Permit and subsequent Building Permit, the applicant shall submit a site plan containing the following: 1) Scale and north arrow; 2) Location of existing structure(s) and driveways with relation to property lines; 3) Location of proposed structure(s) and driveways with relation to property lines; 4) Location and names of adjacent street(s), if applicable; 5) Location of easements, if applicable; 6) Location of well and septic field, if applicable. 
Certification: I am the owner or authorized agent responsible for compliance and hereby acknowledge the following: 1) I agree to comply with all County ordinances and State statutes, which regulate construction, land use, and occupancy; 2) If any misrepresentation is made in this application, the county may revoke any certification issued based upon said misinformation; 3)No construction or grading can occur until a permit has been issued from the Vigo County Building Inspector. 
Applicant's Signature:  Date: 

The permit application is available as a Microsoft Word file here. Please include any additional telephone numbers and/or emails to reach you for additional questions.

Please include the location of any new structures or additions. You can use Beacon to put a location using the shape tool to include in your email with your application. 

*We may need additional information to grant your permit. Staff will email you if additional information is required. Some permits may not be able to be granted via email depending on a project's complexity.

You may contact the Building Inspection Department by emailing CARRIE.LINDSAY@VIGOCOUNTY.IN.GOV to arrange payment and pick up of permit (812-462-3365). 

The Area Planning Department is permitted five (5) business days by the Vigo County Unified Zoning Ordinance Section 5(A)(3) to grant a permit. However, additional time may be necessary due to extenuating circumstances regarding COVID-19.

Please email Permit Applications to AREAPLAN@VIGOCOUNTY.IN.GOV

Thank you for your patience during this time,

Area Planning Department Staff