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The March 3, 2021 Area Plan Commission Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM in the County Council Chambers.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, this and future public hearings will be following CDC guidelines for social distancing. Consequently, and in keeping with guidelines set forth in Governor Holcomb's executive order 20-04 related to Open Door Law meetings, public attendance will be limited at this and future meetings until which time this or any subsequent executive orders related to COVID-19 have expired.

A petitioner or petitioner's representative must still be present at the meeting to answer any questions the APC may have. Please note, due to the size of the room and the spacial restrictions required to observe CDC guidelines, the general public or petitioners may be required to wait outside the meeting room or outside the building until which time their agenda item is called to be acted upon.

Thank you for your understanding.


Instructions for Permit Application:

In order to protect the public and employees, the Annex is no longer open to the public. At this time, permits may only be obtained via email. Staff will be working remotely to grant permits as there will be no staff in the office. Please include: 

Address of Property:
Property Owner Name and Phone Number:
Name of Developer/Agent and Phone Number:
Full Improvement Description*:
Square Footage (if applicable):
Estimated Cost:

An example of the Improvement Location Permit is available HERE. Please provide enough information to fill out the top section. 
Please include any additional telephone numbers and/or emails to reach you for additional questions. 

*We may need additional information to grant your permit. Staff will email you if additional information is required. Some permits may not be able to be granted via email depending on a project's complexity.

You may contact the Building Inspection Department by emailing CARRIE.LINDSAY@VIGOCOUNTY.IN.GOV to arrange payment and pick up of permit. The Building Inspection Department will still be performing site inspections.

The Area Planning Department is permitted five (5) business days by the Vigo County Unified Zoning Ordinance Section 5(A)(3) to grant a permit. However, additional time may be necessary due to extenuating circumstances regarding COVID-19.

Please email Permit Applications to AREAPLAN@VIGOCOUNTY.IN.GOV

Thank you for your patience during this time,

Area Planning Department Staff


The Vigo County Area Planning Department is entrusted with promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience and general welfare of the community; guiding the future development of the City of Terre Haute, the Town of Riley, the Town of Seelyville, the Town of West Terre Haute, and the remaining areas of Vigo County; securing adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood, and other damage; lessening or avoiding congestion in public ways; ensuring that the needs of agriculture, industry, and business be recognized in future growth; ensuring that residential areas provide healthful surroundings for family life; and ensuring that growth be commensurate with and promotive of efficient and economical use of public funds.

The Vigo County Area Planning Department enforces the Zoning, Subdivision and Flood Control Ordinances; produces and maintains maps for governmental and public use; and advises the Planning Commission and other legislative bodies as to zoning rules and regulations.

Forms References Current Board Membership

Vigo County Unincorporated Zoning Map Change Petition

Town of West Terre Haute Zoning Map Change Petition

Town of Riley Zoning Map Change Petition

Town of Seelyville Zoning Map Change Petition

City of Terre Haute Zoning Map Change Petition

Major Subdivision Petition (Commercial/Industrial/Residential 6 lots or more)

Minor Subdivision Petition (Residential 1 to 5 lots)


Vigo County Unified Zoning Ordinance

City of Terre Haute Zoning Code (see Chapter 10 )

Vigo County Subdivision Control Ordinance

Vigo County Flood Control Ordinance

THRIVE 2025 (Vigo County Comprehensive Plan)

Collett Park Neighborhood Plan


Representation of the Vigo County Area Plan Commission

Representation of the Vigo County Board of Zoning Appeals

Representation of the Terre Haute Board of Zoning Appeals



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