Access Cover Project

The Surveyor's Office has initiated many  programs and projects including the Access Cover Project. The Access Cover Project entails the placement of access covers over section corners, ¼ corners, and ¼-¼ corners that are found in the roads of Vigo County. This project continues to grow under the current County Surveyor Bruce W. Allen Jr. The Surveyor's Office has placed nearly 800 access covers throughout the twelve Townships of Vigo County.

This service to the community is helpful from many aspects. Through this easily accessible plate there will be no need for digging into the pavement.  By eliminating potholes that are created after digging up the section corners, the project is essentially an enormous relief for the Highway and Street Departments.  Also, through the implementation of this project, licensed surveyor's are spending less time in the field attempting to locate points.  When a surveyor can complete the work in a more time efficient manner, the job becomes more cost effective for the citizen hiring them as well.   The figure below shows the progression throughout the placement of an access cover, from the unsightly mess in the pavement to the clean finish of a newly set access cover.

Access Cover