Understanding Cyclical Reassessment

Pursuant to Senate Enrolled Act 19-2012, Indiana is required to perform a statewide reassessment on all real estate property over the course of 4 years.  Starting July 1, 2014, assessing officials begin assessing 25% of the parcels in their jurisdiction each year over a 4 year time frame.  Once all properties have been reassessed, the 4 year cycle starts over.

Cyclical Reassessment was created to spread out the work and expense of reassessment so that it could be more consistent and predictable over a longer period.  Prior to the start of Cyclical Reassessment, the last inspection began in 2012 and was performed over a 20 month period.  Before the general reassessment in 2012, there had not been a reassessment done since 2002.  Cyclical Reassessment ensures the inspection of all property over a shorter amount of time, resulting in better consistency between visits.

Cyclical Reassessment begins each year on May 1 and continues through December 31.

In Year 1 (2019) of Cyclical we reviewed all of Honey Creek, part of Prairie Creek, and part of Linton.

In Year 2 (2020) of Cyclical we reviewed all of Riley, all of Lost Creek, and all of Nevins.

In Year 3 (2021) of Cyclical we will review all of Otter Creek, all of Fayette, part of Prairieton, and parts of Prairie Creek.

In Year 4 (2022) of Cyclical we will review the rest of Prairieton, the rest of Prairie Creek, the rest of Linton, all of Pierson, and all of Sugar Creek.

This will complete the 4 year cycle, and in year 2023 we will begin a new cycle with Year 1.