Property fraud in Indiana has become more prevalent in recent years. If you are concerned about the rise in property fraud, you may want to take advantage of a system that has long been available to the citizens of Vigo County.

The Vigo County Recorder’s office has partnered with Doxpop, LLC to provide document images and index information to the public via the Internet without using taxpayer funding. As a part of that partnership, Doxpop also provides a Property Watch service that will notify you if any document is recorded that references your name or any parcels you own.

Early notification and follow-up when an unexpected document is filed provides property owners with a powerful tool to ruin the plans of fraudsters. However, fraud is not the only reason to use the property watch service. The most frequent reason for notifications is that a legitimate document has been filed. Knowing quickly when any document is filed pertaining to you or your property can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

This service costs nothing to use, and free support via phone or email is provided during regular business hours. Signing up typically takes less than 5 minutes, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Any person may sign up at to set a watch on their property and name. Participants are notified via email any time a document is filed that references the watched property or name. If you have concerns about the document that you have been notified of, you may then follow up with the Recorder’s office.
Residents of Vigo County who do not have Internet or email access may register in person at the Recorder’s office. If you have any questions about this service, or require assistance with registration, you may contact your Vigo County Recorder’s office at 812-462-3301, or call Doxpop at 866-369-7671. We are happy to help!

Diana Winsted-Smith
Vigo County Recorder