Harrison Township Assessor

FORM 130: Notice to Initiate Appeal

About Us

The Harrison Township Assessor's Office is currently ran by Laura Tohill, Level II Assessor-Appraiser and Alexus Layton, Level III Chief Deputy Assessor-Appraiser. The office holds 9 experienced and well twptrained staff that are all educated in the assessing process. Harrison Township is one of Indiana's thirteen surviving townships that taxpayers voted to keep in 2008. We are responsible for maintaining the Real Estate and Business Personal Property records in Harrison Township. The township consists of approximately 27,000 parcels of Real Estate within our boundaries of the WABASH RIVER to the WEST SIDE of KEANE LANE and the SOUTH SIDE of HAYTHORNE AVENUE to the NORTH SIDE of MARGARET AVENUE.

What We Do

The assessor's office is responsible for accurately and uniformly determining the market-value-in-use of all property using one of the three approaches to value: Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison. The most commonly used approach to value is the Cost Approach, which is determined using cost schedules provided and determined by the State of Indiana. We are also responsible for various duties that include examining and collecting information on the physical characteristics of property, review and verify changes made through permit filings, and review documents used in the transfer of property. Detailed information on what we do can be found in the "Topics of Interest" section to the right of this page.

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