About Us

The Vigo County Council is comprised of seven members, four elected from districts and three elected at-large. To ensure continuity within the Council, elections for the at-large and district positions are held two years apart.  Members of Council must reside within the county and the district from which they were elected.  Members elected at-large can reside anywhere within the County.

Council Duties:

  • Exclusive power of making appropriations to be paid out of the county treasury.
  • Adoption of the annual budget after receiving estimates submitted by the various county agencies through the county auditor, subject to the modification by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.
  • Incurring county indebtedness within the constitutional limitations.
  • Appropriation of additional funds arising after the budget is adopted.
  • Fixing of salaries of officers, deputies, assistants and employees whose salaries are payable from any county fund, with certain exceptions as provided by the statutes granting the Council.
  • Rules of the Vigo County Council - 2022


  • Council Administrator:  Kylissa Miller
  • Council Attorney:  Robert Effner

The County Auditor serves as clerk to the fiscal body.