Vector Control

The phone number for the Vector Control Division is 812-234-9181. 

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ANIMAL REMOVAL - The Vigo County Health Department's Vector Control Division handles complaints involving rodents, vector insects, and associated disposal of dead animals from county and city roads.  Upon owners request, dead animals may also be picked up from private property.  To request a dead animal pickup, call the Vector Control Division at 812-234-9181.
SPRAYING FOR MOSQUITOES - Our drivers are not allowed to run the sprayer when people are present. If you are outside when the spray trucks come by, the drivers are instructed to turn the sprayers off. We spray 6 night per week during breeding season when the weather permits.
PREVENTION - Begin in your own backyard!  Eliminate any standing water.  Flower pots, gutters and toys all serve as catch places for stagnate water and need emptied.  Check for leaves in gutters to prevent the "ideal breeding ground" for mosquitoes.  Keep yards trimmed and bushes cut back to stop hiding places for mosquitoes.  

For more information about mosquitoes and West Nile virus, visit

BAT MANAGEMENT - If a bat is found in your home overnight, please call Vector Control at 812-234-9181 for removal. The ISDH requests that any bat found in your home possibly in your sleeping quarters be submitted for rabies testing.

TICK INFORMATION - Because of state funding cuts to the University's Tick program, the Health Department will no longer be sending ticks in for testing to Ball State University. 

TICKS AND DISEASES IN INDIANA - FAQ's, how to identify and remove, etc. 

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