Vigo County CASA would like to thank all of our awesome volunteers
for the outstanding advocacy they provide to our local community!!!
Learn how you can BECOME A CASA VOLUNTEER!


Glenna Cheesman - Vigo County CASA Director
Norma Almazan - CASA Volunteer Coordinator/Trainer
Kathy Helton - CASA Volunteer Coordinator/Financial
Angela Ramey - CASA Volunteer Coordinator/Monitor
Jan Hoff- CASA Administrative Assistant
Delilah Bingle-CASA Monitor/Grants
Cathy Roads-CASA Monitor
Carolynn Carson - CASA Monitor
Phone: 812-231-5658
Fax: 812-231-4485
Offices located in the Vigo County Annex Building south of Auditor's Office.

Vigo County CASA is made up of specially trained community volunteers
who advocate for children in the juvenile court system
due to having been abused or neglected.  We are part of the National CASA Association, founded in 1977.
 The program was started in Vigo County in 1989, and we have recruited and trained over
100 dedicated volunteers from in and around the Wabash Valley. 
The mission of CASA is to speak for the best interest of abused & neglected children
in the juvenile court system. Vigo County CASA works with other local & state CASA programs
as well as other area agencies to promote and support quality
volunteer advocacy to help assure each child a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.

Our goal is for every child in the court system to be represented
by a CASA volunteer to ensure that their basic
needs are fulfilled and their wishes don't get swept under the rug.
Still have questions? Check out this FAQ:
1. How do I begin the process of becoming a CASA volunteer?

The first step is to go to our website and click on the link,

After completing the application, please return it to us by fax, e-mail, regular postal mail,
or drop it by our office in the Vigo County Annex Building.
A background check is conducted and references are gathered,
a personal interview is scheduled, and training is provided after you are accepted into the program.
2. Do I need any special qualifications?
A desire to help children in need, ability to communicate and write effectively
are the most important qualifications. Also, you need to be 21 yrs of age or over.
3. How much time does this require?
Around 5 hours a month on average, but time may vary depending on the case.
4. What kinds of things will I be doing as a volunteer?
You will be assigned a case at the completion of your training.
You will be responsible for visiting the child or children, attending their court hearings & case conferences,
keeping in touch with other parties to the case, & submitting reports to the court on behalf of the child.
5. Is there anything else I should know?
CASA staff is available for information, assistance, and support and we also have a mentoring program for new volunteers.
6. I'm not sure if I can make the commitment to volunteer at this time. 
 Do you have any other roles I could fill to help your organization?
We always need volunteers to help with various office projects, and we are always accepting donations to
help us better serve the abused and neglected children of our community. Please call for more info on how you can help!
If you would like more information about CASA,
click on the link to begin the application process:
Or please contact
Norma Almazan;
call 812-231-5658
stop by our office in the Annex building located at 
141 Oak Street
Terre Haute, IN

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National CASA:
Indiana State GAL\CASA 

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