Information Technology

The Vigo County Information Technology Department is charged with the responsibility for maintaining computer systems for county government. This includes all network communication systems as well as phone and data line systems. The Vigo County network consists of county owned and controlled fiber optic cable connecting the downtown government offices as well as 11 remote locations connected via dedicated fiber circuits. 
Information Technolgoy maintains the county Tax and Billing System, Vendor Claims, County Budgets , Board of Review, Payroll, Voter Registration, Tax Assessment, Web Services,  Building Inspection Permits and Tracking, County Recorder Index and Imaging, as well as numerous other desktop applications that are written for individual offices. Information Technology is constantly expanding and always seeking to improve the County government.
We support over 600+ employees and a collective of almost 10,000+ pieces of equipment ranging from phones and tablets, to virtual desktop appliances, desktops/laptops, and servers. 
Notable Information:
  • The Vigo County Information Technology Department in conjunction with the Vigo County Health Department and Inspect2Go, launched Indiana’s First iPad/Cloud Environmental Health Software in 2015. 
  • In trying to do their part for the tax payers - in 2016, the Vigo County Information Technology Department used the latest technology to ensure not only security, but energy savings was prioritized. Thus began a transition at the the Network Operations Center (NOC) for Vigo County Government, to update all its hardware for the County network infrastructure. The Vigo County Government NOC, operates - 24/7/365 - and supports the entire Vigo County Government facilities and houses more than 40 pieces of server and switching hardware, and yet utilizes less than 2.7kWH - which in comparison is roughly the equivalent to a large window air conditioner. 

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Jeremy Snowden, Director of Information Technology
139 Oak St
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