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Vigo County Homes for Children is a residential treatment program run by the county located in 3 group homes. This program serves emotionally and/or physically abused and neglected children & delinquents (usually status offenders).


At VCHC our ultimate goal is to reunite all children placed in our care with their rehabilitated families when appropriate. Every child needs the individual nurturing and stability of a healthy family unit. Our staff attempts to make the child's environment to be as home-like as possible.

While children are residing in our homes, our staff strives to help them become as responsible and self-reliant as possible. We attempt to create an environment which enhances a child's learning and practice of positive, interactive family life.


VCHC is based on a reality oriented treatment program. Residents receive natural consequences for their actions, both positive and negative, from houseparents or administrators. All community resources are utilized to insure that residents receive proper counseling, medical treatment, recreation, and individualized scholastic programs. The professional staff at the group homes work with each resident to improve self-esteem, identity, and to teach responsibility and respect.


Residents are referred by the juvenile justice system, welfare agencies, or more short term residential facilities. Referrals are taken on a 24 hours a day basis, allowing for emergency placement when the need arises.

Average length of stay is six months with ongoing treatment whose focus is on life skills, individual, group, and family counseling.

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