Emergency Management Agency

The Vigo County Emergency Management Agency (Vigo County EMA), previously known as Civil Defense, is a local agency responsible for the coordinating and handling of emergency response to man-made and/or natural disasters that may occur within the county and city.  The agency is tasked with writing and updating emergency response plans for the county and city.  The agency also works with local public safety organizations in writing grants to federal, state, local, and private agencies to assist in funding for much needed equipment and training.  The department, whenever possible, organizes and/or hosts free training for all responsible public safety disciplines, elected officals, and private organizations.
In June of 2009 the agency offically moved from the offices located at 934 S. 4th St. to a newer facility at 915 S. Petercheff St., located on the 181st Air National Guard base at Hulman Regional Airport.  The new facility includes a functioning EOC (emergency operations center), supply & vehicle storage, and expanded office space all in one building.  The new facility will allow this department to better manage incidents such as the flooding that occurred in the county in June of 2008.

The Director of the Emergency Management Agency is Dorene Hojnicki, DO. She can be reached via email at vcema@vigosheriff.in.gov or via phone at 812-462-3217.