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Area Planning Department(812) 462-3354

The Vigo County Area Planning Department is entrusted with promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience and general welfare of the community; guiding the future development of the City of Terre Haute, the Town of Riley, the Town of Seelyville, the Town of West Terre Haute, and the remaining areas of Vigo County; securing adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood, and other damage; lessening or avoiding congestion in public ways; ensuring that the needs of agriculture, industry, and business be recognized in future growth; ensuring that residential areas provide healthful surroundings for family life; and ensuring that growth be commensurate with and promotive of efficient and economical use of public funds.
Auditor(812) 462-3361
Building Inspections Department(812) 462-3365
Community Corrections(812) 462-3381
County Commissioners(812) 462-3367

2021 Vigo County Commissioners: Mike Morris  Chris Switzer Brendan Kearns Administrative Assitant Tammy Allen 812-231-6200
County Council(812) 231-5638
Drug Task Force(812) 877-0401
Emergency Management Agency(812) 877-5800
Enhanced 911(812) 462-3333
Harrison Township Assessor(812) 462-3271
Health Department(812) 462-3428
Homes For Children(812) 234-4433
Park Department(812) 462-3392
Public Defender(812) 462-3309
Purdue Extension Service Vigo County(812) 462-3371

Our office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Parking is available behind our building along Walnut Street (one way heading west) or in front, along Ohio Street (one way heading east).
Redevelopment(812) 232-6054
Sheriff's Office(812) 462-3226
Soil and Water Conservation District(812) 232-0193 x 3

Vigo County Soil and Water
Solid Waste Management
Surveyor(812) 462-3380 x 5631
Treasurer(812) 462-3251
Veteran's Assistance Office(812) 462-3261
Vigo County CASA(812) 231-5658

Vigo County CASA provides specially selected & trained community volunteers to advocate and represent abused & neglected children within the juvenile court system in the safe pursuit of safe home and permanent homes through collabortion with key agencies, counsel and community resources.

Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau
Vigo County Coroner(812) 462-3360
Vigo County Fire Investigation and Safety Task Force(812) 462-3305

Vigo County Fire Investigation and Safety Task Force
Vigo County Recorder(812) 462-3301
Voter Registration(812) 462-3393

Official Registration Office for Vigo County

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Vigo County Complex
121 Oak St
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